In the Interest of Justice Yuba County D.A. Prosecutes Brothers for Protesting Tax Policy, But Gives Politician a Pass

For the second time this year Good Men Do Something has made the front page of the Territorial Dispatch. The first time was for our involvement in Lemonade Freedom Day 2010, and now for our upcoming trial for the “TAXES=THEFT” sign.

The article provides a contrast between how the D.A. is prosecuting us for our lawful actions vs how he is not prosecuting a County Supervisor for his illegal actions.

One important note though. The article says no CHP were on scene, but one was and that was the Officer who argued with us about the content of our sign. At no point did any of the many Officers on scene state or say to us that our sign was unlawful.

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Lemonade Freedom Day 2011 Covered By MySYtv

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18 Nov 2011 Trial Readiness Conference

Good news, bad news.

The Judge has put our trial on hold because he wants the D.A. to settle our case, stating he doesn’t want to see this go to, and through the expense of, a Jury trial.

But the D.A. turned down our offer to accept him dropping the charges.

Our next court date will be December 2nd, where the D.A. will accept our offer to settle this or a new trial date will be set.

Courtroom highlights:
The D.A. said he still hasn’t seen the video of our arrest.

The Judge face palmed when he heard the D.A.’s reasoning for our arrest and for the charges.

The two courtroom employees and the bailiff made faces of astonishment, shook their heads, and laughed, as they listened to the proceeding.

The bailiff even gave our lawyer a note with her email, requesting a link to the video of our arrest.

Sorry for the inconvenience to those that made time to come to our trial on Nov. 29th, but there was nothing we could do. We hope you’ll stay tuned and come out to whatever date our trial is rescheduled for.

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Post Arraignment Update on Brothers Arrested for Hanging Sign

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I’m Allowed to Rob You!

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KOVR Segment About Our TAXES=THEFT Arrest

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FTL Discuss Our TAXES=THEFT Arrest

Discussion begins at the 1 hour 45 minute mark.

FTL 29Apr2011

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